Free Debt Settlement Consultation

A free debt settlement consultation is available to anyone that has credit card or personal loan debt of $10k or more that is at a collection agency.  If a collection agency (or several collection agencies) are annoying you with the constant reminder of an upaid credit card or personal loan bill, then debt settlement is an option that should be seriously considered.  A quick online inquiry or 10 minute phone call can change your whole financial picture.

Did you know that seriously delinquent credit card debt is bought and sold on the open market? Well, it is.  Once a consumer is 6-12 months past due on their credit card payments, it is considered “bad debt” and the credit card companies write it off as a loss on their taxes.  Once they take that loss, they cannot collect on it anymore. However, they can SELL IT, and that’s what they do. Collection agencies are in the business of buying “bad debt”.  They purchase your overdue account from your creditor for a percentage of what you owe, and try to collect the amount in full from you.

This can be further explained in your free debt settlement consultation, but here is an example: Jane had three credit cards that she received ten years ago.  Each card came with a $5,000 limit.  She was making great money when she was approved for each of the accounts. For the first three years, she used her cards regularly and was able to make all of the minimum payments.  Sometimes she even paid more than the minimum payments to keep her balances low.  Three years ago Jane lost her job and had to use her charge cards more often.  In what seems like an instant, all her cards were maxed out.  Times continued to be tough for a while and she was unable to make any payments at all – not even the minimum.  After 6 months, the accounts were purchased by collection agences who have relentlessly been trying to collect on these accounts for the past year.  Jane is now coming out of the tough times and wants to get her finances back in order and her credit repaired so she can move forward with her life. Jane should get a free debt settlement consultation.

You see, the collection agencies that bought Jane’s accounts from the credit card companies bought them for a small percentage of what she owes.  They are now trying to collect the accounts in full from Jane. Why should she have to pay the accounts in full when her original creditors already wrote the debts off on their taxes, AND the collection agencies that purchased them only paid a percentage of what she owed? She doesn’t. Jane, too, only has to pay a percentage of her accounts to get them cleared up. This is debt settlement, and can be a consumer’s saving grace.  Debt settlement programs help consumers get back on their feet and avoid filing bankruptcy because of overdue credit cards and personal loans.  The impact on a consumer credit report is less damaging for debt settlement than it is when bankruptcy is filed.